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   These are potential titles for Shows, Cartoons and Video Games of mine 

"YarouShogunate Mekao"

    "Shonen Otaku Mekao"








    “The Hero-saders”


    "How Mekao Seez It!"

    "In Mekao's Room"

    "Room of Bed"

    "Room of Prep"

    "Room of Leisure"

    "Room of Dining"

    "Room of Tools"

    "Room of the Mind"

    "Freeks N' Foolz"

    "Mustangs N' Muscles"

    "Crackerz N' Kwenz"

    "Red North"

    "White West"

    "Yellow East"

    "Southern Ebony"

    "AK Payday"

    "Carbine Line"

    "Gloks on da' Blok"

    "OG Wit Da' SMG"

    "Undercover, Under there?"

    "Way of the Ghetto"

    "Bounty Hunters & Mercenaries"

    “Outlaws, Pirates & Bandits”

    "Crackdown!, Smackdown!, Showdown!"

    "The Intellectual Soldier"

    "The Academic Line of Defense"

    "Impulsive Adolescent Pride"

    "Legion of Seahawks"

    "Assassination Situation"

    "Students of the Stallion"

    "Celestial Impact"

    "Crimson Nemesis"

    "Eternal Infinity"

    "National Deities"

    "Divine Youth"

    "Parallel Generations"

    "Royal Liberty"

    "Orbital Nebula"

    "Vineyards N' Orchards"

    “Breweries, Wineries & Distilleries”

    "Path of Hearts"

    "Trail of Souls"

    "Road of Minds"

    "Magical Embrace"

    "Isle of Adversaries"

    "Lost Mindset"

    “Mental Ambitions”

    "Ascending Admissions"

    "Fyst of Nations"

    "Crossfire in the Crosshairs"

    "Whore War I"

    "Beowulf & Hercules"

    "Bracing for Disgrace"

    "Street Survivor"

    "Whore War II"

    "Fysts of Freedum"

    "Gifted Fist"

    "An Era within an Eon"

    "Precious Score"

    "Guilty Bloodshed"

    "Malevolent Justice"

    "Corrupted Requiem"

    "As Today...So Tomorrow"

    "Hollowed Life"

    "Tales of Pandoria"

    "Stories of Sovereignty"

    "Kingdom Guardians"

    "Faceoff, Cookoff, Showoff"

    "Copycat & Hushpuppy"

    "Gateways to Getaways"

    "City Kings"

    "City on a Saturday"

    "Super Smash Soldiers"

    "God of Arms"

    "Genocide Man"

    "Taking Rwanda"

    "Area 666"

    "Magnificent Mission"

    "There is no other... There will never be another"

    "I Am Mekao"

    "Prodigies & Protégés"

    "Ingenious!! Kuntryman”

    "Homestead Assault"

    "Steadfast Siege"

    "Skirmish of Strength"

    "Force Strykers"

    "Triad by Fire"

    "Tramil VS Triad"

    "Judgment Challenge"

    "Legends of TechTV"

    "Origins of G4"

    "The Great Quest to E3"

    "Journey to Comic-Con"

    "Sweat Cheats"

    "Arena Icons"

    "Rising Apprentices"

    "R.G.B.-Raven, Ginger, Blonde"

    "The Expendables Academy"

    "The King's Garden"

    "Engage, Enlighten, Enhance"

    "Venom of Vengeance"

    "Poison N' Pain"

    "The Forbidden Throne"

    "A Thoughtful Experience"

    "The Hitman's Apprentice"

    "Council of Cowards"

    "Saint in a Sinner's World"

    "Kind in a Cruel World"

    "Judgmental Assumptions"

    "Ethical Threats"

    "An Angel amongst Demons"

    "Saints of Sorrow"

    "Silent Sanctum"                                       

    "Extend, Expand, Explore"

    "Below, Above, Beyond"

    "Ideal Enemies"

    "Gainful Predicaments"

    "Worthy Rivalries"

            "Fertile Inspiration"

    "Inviting Interventions"

    "Majestic Imagination"

    "Living from Within"

    "Primitive Genius"

    "Ascension into the Storm"

    "Human American"



    "Strike of the Hawk"

    "Swing of the Falcon"

    "Slash of the Eagle"

    “Swipe of the Condor”

    "The Serpent Experience"

    "River of the Red Dragon"

    "Lady Hathaway"

    "George "Rush" St Pierre"

    "The Colbert Report"

    "Gem Kids"

    "L.O.W.- Land of Warriors"

    "L.O.L.- Land of Leaders"

    "The Golden Pimp"

    "2 Gurls"

    "Profound Pride"

    "T.G.I.A.W.D.- Thank God It's A Week Day!"-Feat “Straight No Chaser”

    "Red Moon, Blue Moon, Full Moon, New Moon"

    "The Comet Squadron"

    "Pit in the Sky"

    "Noble Luxury"

    “Seeking Uniqueness”

            “Full Throttle Wild”

    “Imposing Intentions”

    "Transcending Dimensions"


    "Burdening Accomplishments"

    "Descending Anarchy"

    "Abundant Awesomeness"

    "The Joy of Dawn"

    "Reign of Wisdom"

    "Supreme Sensations"

    "Rising Downfall"

    "In the Shadow of the Quasar"

    "Mountain Crossroads"

    "The Forgotten Bachelor"

    "The Disappearing Widows"

    "Risky Confessions"

    "The Philosophers' Puzzle"

    "The Philosophers' Eye"

    "The Philosophers’ Conscience"

    "Maze of Enlightenment"

    "Purified Treasures"

    "Anointing Amulet"

    “Omega Oracle”

    "Nashville Nyghtz"

    "True Texas"

    "A.T.L. Elite"

    "Ole miss, Memphis & Montgomery"

    "Wrong Kong"

    "Chai-town Throwdown"

    "Tokyo Turmoil"

    "Duels of Glory"

    "Into the Twilight"

    "Martial Champions: Practitioners"

    "Martial Champions: Contenders"

    "Martial Champions: Rivals"

    "Martial Champions: Combatants"

    “Martial Champions: Competitors”

    "Martial Champions: Destinies"

    "Martial Champions: Alliances"

    "Urban Saviors"

    “Starlust Highland”


    “Dark Euphoria”

    “Forever Overdrive”

    “Grand Rally Dust”

    “Angel Commander”

    “Wing Captain V”


    “Genesis of Genius”


    "Iron Waters"

    “Turbo Punx”

    "Encountering Eternity"

    "Prophets of Civilization"

    "Beauty & Brilliance"

    "Knowledge Rush"

    "Cyber Hearts"


    "Bold Miracles"

    "Dragon, Phoenix, Pegasus"

    "Ikari Itagaki"

    “Sunset Passions”

    “The Skyline Dairies”

    “Nukle House”

    “Remnants & Relix”

    “Halo Dragon”

    “Unusual Accomplices”

    “Peculiar colleagues”

    “Holy Stone”

    “Steel Ocean”

    “Sea of Snow”

    “Vintage Vagabonds”

    “War Stars”

    “Kamen Rider: Fisticuffs”

    “Yamatomaru: Feudal Frontlines”

    “Yamatomaru: Song of Sengoku”

    “Yamatomaru: Tenkaichi”

    “Bushido Budokai”

    “Brave Fyghter”

    “Saber Souls”

    “Virtua Earth”

    “Battle Castle”

    “Blard Clistmas”


    “Idols N’ Icons”

    “Orb of Prominence”


    “Amazing Pioneers”

    “Innovative Advocates”

    “G.A.M.E. - Great Advancements, Modern Enhancements”

    “Dragon Rangers”


    “Thunderland Tales”

    “Heavy Metal Ryding”

    “Cosmic Cadets”

    “SVC: Scoundrels Vs. Civilians”

    “Neoman Athletics”

    “Shoujo Spirit”

    “Shonen Sport Warriors”


    “Mighty Weapon”

    “The Incredible X”

    “Titan Town”


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Mekao Tramil
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm in pursuit of developing fan fiction and fan installments of under rated video games, developing crossovers, amalgams and OCs, and obtaining the skills and resources required to be admired. Ima ingenious country kewn who serves as a prominent citizen of my home town!

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AWRowland Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the Watch!
AWRowland Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the Watch!
danwind Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015
What happened to your Beast House Project?
Intellectual-Soldier Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Student General Artist
The part on the BH project that I'm mainly working on is piecing together the world that they live in. I've got somewhat of a concept of the world that they reside in but coming up with locales of towns, cities and other landmarks has proven to be quite a challenge.
danwind Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015
Intellectual-Soldier Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Student General Artist
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I have been reforming my stories adding and deleting details as needed to make it flow smoothly! also, there more focused on "Mortal Kombat" right now!
They should be posting their roster screen for the MKX soon!
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